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Weight Loss Body Wrap from Ritual Salon & Spa

Weight Loss Body WrapDespite your best efforts and hardest work, you may be holding on to a few extra stubborn inches. Even the best diet and exercise plans in the world sometimes fail to make dents in those last few inches of flab. Stop by the Ritual Salon & Spa to get strategic help for this vexing problem today!

The cutting-edge M’lis body sculpting service is available and it’s sure to make a huge difference for you. In fact, it could be just the boost that you need to break through to whole new levels of amazing fitness and attractiveness!

What is the M’Lis Inch Loss Body Wrap?

If you’ve never experienced the M’Lis body wrap system, you’ve been missing out. From the comfort and elegance of the Ritual Salon & Spa, you can give this amazing procedure a try. Our talented staff uses high-quality M’lis products to give you the body wrap experience of a lifetime. Here’s how the procedure unfolds:

    1. M’lis Body Buff cream will be applied to your torso, upper arms and legs. This specialized cream exfoliates the skin to prepare it for the body wrap that will be applied later. This step is important because it dramatically enhances the effects of the body wrap.


    1. M’lis Contour cream will be applied next. It contains niacin, which works to flush out the skin. It also contains cassia, which is prized for its ability to dilate the blood vessels. This cream sets the stage for the amazing, inch-shedding power of the body wrap.


    1. The professionals at Ritual Salon & Spa will wrap M’lis contouring wrap from the top of your torso, down each individual leg and around the tops of each arm. This specialized cellophane creates pressure that flushes out toxins and funnels them out of the body. In turn, it contours and shapes the body to give it a more toned appearance.


  1. Once the wrap has been applied, all you have to do is relax! You will love the luxurious feel of the creams, treatments and the herbal body wrap. After it is removed, you will see a noticeable and appreciable difference in the way that your body looks!

Strip Away Those Stubborn Inches!

Ritual Salon & Spa is proud to offer the M’lis inch loss body wrap because it provides our clients with a whole new way to get rid of those stubborn extra inches. One treatment can eliminate anywhere from four to 14 inches or the equivalent of half a dress size!

The M’lis inch loss body wrap is a great way to bolster the effects of your healthy and active lifestyle. The process should be repeated for every ten pounds that you lose for optimal effect. You can experience this cutting-edge treatment right here in Las Vegas at our upscale salon. Local prices and a fun, welcoming atmosphere are sure to win you over.

Get the trim, sexy figure that you deserve by setting up an appointment for an inch loss body wrap today!

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